Tuesday, June 26, 2007

eyeOS 1.1 delayed five days

After some hours of hard testing, we have decided to delay the eyeOS 1.1 announcement a few days. It will be probably released by the end of this week. The main reason is that we want to solve all the bugs that have been appearing in the eyeOS 1.0.x releases, to make eyeOS 1.1 widely stable and usable from a large number of web servers and browsers.

The good news are that it will include some new widgets that were thought for 1.1.1, and will finally be included in the 1.1 release. We'll be also publishing the translation tables soon so by the 1.1 release there will be as many languages as possible. The new translation system makes the languages independent from the releases, so it will be possible install and update languages by just intalling packages to the system.

We're so sorry about the delay, we really want to release it as soon as possible, but we prefer to delay it a few days and release it much more stable than release it today with some unsolved bugs. We hope you will understand this decission.

For those unpatient, you can always download the latest code from the SVN Server.

Monday, June 18, 2007

News in eyeOS websites

We have just updated the eyeOS website, making it XHTML valid, and adding some new parts to it, such as the new footer with direct links to the official communities, and some new sections like the brand new Development Section, which will list developement documents and useful links to get introduced into the eyeOS Development Community.

The eyeOS Wiki has been also adapted to eyeOS.org design and we have reorganized the Start page, creating new pages to localize groups of pages, like eyeOS Applications or the Widgets reference.

Please, report us any problem you see with the new websites, or ideas/sugestions about them. Thanks!

eyeOS 1.1 getting ready

We're proud to announce that next monday eyeOS 1.1 will be published, with the following features:
  • Languages support!

  • eyeZIP, to open/manage/uncompress zip files (users will be able to upload a zip file with tons of images, and uncompress it from eyeOS).

  • Widgets board, to be able to use widgets in another desktop layer, all together.

  • Import/export options for eyeContacts.

  • Dozens of bugs corrected.

We know that there is still much to do, so please keep adding new suggestions and reporting bugs to the forums , releases won't stop until eyeOS is greatly perfect!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Help eyeOS to get nominated in Sourceforge!

SourceForge, who provides the Downloads and SVN infrastructures to eyeOS project and about 350.000 Open Source projects, has opened a Conquest where people do nominate the projects they like inside the SF network.

So if you like eyeOS and want to get it nominated, you can go to the eyeOS nomination page and nominate eyeOS as Best Project in Sourceforge!


Problems in eyeOS.info (old 0.9 version) solved

Some users reported that with the eyeOS 1.0 update in eyeOS.info, they had some problems accessing their account or files in eyeOS.info/old (eyeOS 0.9 server) accounts.

The problems should be solved now. Please, if you noticed some problems in your 0.9 account, please check it again, they're solved now.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

eyeOS 1.0.3 + eyeSoft status update

We're proud to announce the new eyeOS 1.0.3, which adds special characters support in file names, corrects special characters problem in eyeBoard and adds a new security protection against attacks trought a malformed external app.

This means that if an application would allow someone to access your system trought, for example, an XSS attack, the system will detect that another IP is trying to modify your account and will end the session, warning you.

The new release and update packages can be found in the downloads page.

We're working hard on getting the first apps to be in eyeSoft prepared. During the next week, eyeSoft will show the first apps to be installed, specially ancient 0.9 apps that are being ported to eyeOS 1.0. Remember that eyeSoft can only be used by root, and can be launched from eyeControl or via eyeLaunch app.

With the new eyeSoft porting system, installing new apps into an eyeOS system is as easy as select the app from eyeSoft (after clicking Update button to download automatically the last apps list from the eyeOS repository), click to install and the system will download it, extract it, install it, and if necessary, create new file associations in eyeFiles, automatically.

Finally, we want to thank (again ;-)) the whole eyeOS community, who is helping us to make eyeOS much more stable by reporting bugs trought the eyeOS Forums.

We'll be soon releasing information about new eyeOS 1.1 which will include the translation system to allow eyeOS be translated again and some other new cool stuff.

Enjoy eyeOS!

Friday, June 08, 2007

eyeOS 1.0.2 released!

We're proud to announce the release of eyeOS 1.0.2, which introduces dozens of bugs corrected and some new applications and features:

New apps for all users:
  • eyeMp3, which automatically opens when an user opens a .mp3 and plays it.

  • New eyeRSS, with full support of RSS 0.91, RSS 2.0 and Atom, and dialogs to save new feeds and remove/refresh feeds.

New apps for Root:
  • eyeSoft, the first ports based software installation system from the Web. With eyeSoft you can install new applications to your eyeOS system without leaving eyeOS: Just choose the application/utility to install, and eyeSoft will download, extract and install it for you. You only have to wait for eyeSoft to finish the installation process, just like apt-get or portage systems for Linux. Note that only Root can run eyeSoft.

  • eyeInstaller, which automatically opens when ROOT opens a .eyePackage and installs it.

Desk improvements:
  • eyeDesk shows new folders / files created and removes files deleted automatically, without need to re-login.

  • eyeDesk now saves icons positions.

  • eyeDesk saves the position of the apps who allow savePosition in their configuration.

Applications improvements:
  • eyeContacts and eyeProcess are now using the new sortable table widget.

  • Calendar updated with various bug fixes.

Technical improvements:
  • New close method in Window class.
  • Fixed clear method in Window class, so it empties _Content and not the full Window.

  • Added method to send messages from PHP in eyex.

  • Sortable Table widget fixed so its dynamic and doesn't need to be reloaded for add/remvoe a row.

  • Support for short URLs.

  • Added raw function in eyeURL to download files.

  • eyeDesk finally supports service calls.

  • Added setXMLfile in eyeXML, the opposite of getXMLfile.

General improvements:
  • eyeOS loading time greatly reduced!

  • New tinier compression library, adapted to eyeOS.

Bugs fixed:
  • Fixed eyeDialog bug in concatenation.

  • Fixed bug in eyeGroups reported at forums (topic ID 1297).

  • Fixed eyeXML of various bugs found.

  • Fixed problems with charsets in Label widget.

  • Fixed restore/empty functions in trash when running on PHP4.

You can download the installed and updater from the Downloads Section.

Thanks to everybody who is helping us reporting bugs trought the eyeOS Forums!.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

eyeOS 1.0.1 Released + Thanks

Two days after the 1.0 release, we're proud to announce the new eyeOS 1.0.1, which solves lots of small bugs that have been reported since the release.

The main features and bugs corrected are:

  • New eyeBoard, the bulletin board app for eyeOS

  • New Public folder creation option to disable the creation of new folders in the Public directory

  • eyeImages fixed when opening an image from a Public dir

  • Missing apps icons for Applications menu added

  • Installation script improved to support many more configurations

  • Desktop showing files placed in Home/Desktop correctly

None of the bugs is security-related, so the update is not urgent, but we recommend it to everybody since it includes fixes that make eyeOS better looking.

From this release, we'll be publishing two packages, a new installation package and an update package for updating an existent eyeOS server to the new version without loosing users, files or configurations.

You can download the new version from the downloads page or use it directly from the public server.

We want to give special thanks to Richard Macmanus, who published the first eyeOS 1.0 review and got into the front page of digg.com, and everybody who has been helping us to improve the project reporting bugs from the Forums, making suggestions or sending us emails about eyeOS 1.0.


Monday, June 04, 2007

Introducing eyeOS 1.0

After two years of unstopped development, and six month of continued work for eyeOS 1.0 with a maximized team, we're proud to announce the release of eyeOS 1.0.

Starting from the installer, which now uncompresses the whole eyeOS system from a package and creates a randomized directory to place eyeOS in, so access directly from the browser is impossible -even with the randomized name, since access from outside is denied by default-, everything in the new eyeOS has been redesigned and rewritten, thinking in a really scalable web Operating System and platform to develop web applications on.

The new eyeOS incorporates lots of new utilities and some new base applications completely renewed, like eyeFiles and eyeCalendar. With the new eyeFiles, you can manage your files by opening as many instances of eyeFiles as you want and working with your data like if you were in your traditional Operating System. From simple actions like copying and pasting over multiple instances to powerful actions like downloading full directories as zip files.

The way to make new applications has been redesigned too. Making an app for eyeOS 1.0 is as simple as joining "widgets" (from an imagebox to a sortable table) and creating functions for them, just like any other IDE, but for creating Web Applications!. For example, a rich word processor with dialogs for opening / saving files can be done in less than 30 lines.

With this, eyeOS 1.0 introduces a revolutionary new way of creating web applications, making the programmer forget AJAX, HTML, user and processes management, global security and many other thinks to take care on when you're working on a new Web Application from scratch.

Finally, the internal part of eyeOS has been also redesigned, and now bases its power on a microkernel that loads services and libaries when needed for each user, controlling each action trought a processes table, which can be acceded from an application (eyeProcess).

We recommend all you to see the new Introduction Video to eyeOS 1.0 and Download and install it or start using eyeOS from the public server today!

Note: We're currently working on a switcher to move users and configurations from 0.9.x to 1.0, which will be available in the next weeks.