Tuesday, December 19, 2006

eyeOS 0.9.3-5 Released / New eyeApps.org

We have just released eyeOS 0.9.3-5, which includes two main improvements: The first one, focused into user security, improves the way eyeHome manages the files. The new system allows all files to be uploaded with no restrictions and uses the eyeOS XML FileSystem to recognize it's author, date of upload and file name.

The second improvement is the elimination of the ancient eyeTrash (which was not updated since 0.8.x versions of eyeOS). The new system uses eyeHome as file explorer for the trash, displaying "Trash" in the Sites list. All actions have been moved to eyeHome Actions bar and the translations of eyeTrash have been merged to eyeHome too. The Trash icon has been updated to use this new system.

Some other small bugs have been also solved. You can download the last version from the downloads page.

Important Note: Some external apps from eyeApps.org will need to be updated if you're using them. You can read the notice and download the last version of those apps (4 in total) from eyeApps Website, which has been restyled recently, with some new apps, like eyePDF, a PDF Viewer for eyeOS.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

eyeOS 0.9.3-4 Released + Webmail eyeApp

We're proud to announce the release of the new eyeOS 0.9.3-4, which fixes some bugs found on 0.9.3. You can download it from the downloads section. MicroServer and MiniServer versions will be updated soon.

We have also uploaded the first eyeApp for checking POP3/IMAP accounts, and being able to send mails with attachments, manage contacts and manage multiple accounts. A full mail system inside eyeOS! You can use it from the Public Server or download and install it to your eyeOS server from the eyeApps website, from the Internet section!