Monday, July 30, 2007

The eyeOS Packages Center

We're proud to announce the new eyeOS Packages Center, which replaces the old eyeApps/eyeLook websites (which are linking now to the new Website).

In the new eyeOS PC, users will be able to download lots of packages for eyeOS (finished ones that can be also found on the stable repository trought eyeSoft, and unfinished/unstable ones that will be only there), and developers will be able to publish their packages.

If you have made an application, please send it now to the PC! Don't worry if it's are in early alpha/beta stage, you can update it when you want. And if you have a website for your application, you'll be able to link it from the package site, and if not, you can always start an eyeOS Wiki Page for your package.

You can see more instructions for sending a new package here.

We would love to see, in a future, to find an "eyeOS" section at the main software downloads sites out there, and this is the first step.


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