Friday, April 21, 2006

New eyeCalendar!

We have just uploaded the new eyeCalendar and eyeNav! Our new eyeCalendar is full AJAX-driven, provides a much faster user experience and new features, such as choosing the first day of the week (by clicking on the day name). We recommend you to try it!

Also, we have updated eyeNav, that now orders the links by it's Karma, not by date like it's first collaborative version.

We're working on implementing all new translations. In our next update (with the new eyeOS version) there will be 28 different languages avaliable in eyeOS!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Collaborative eyeNav

We have just updated eyeNav with a new system for collaborative linking. Submit your fauvorite webs and allow other users vote for that links!

We have also updated the default window borders. The new ones should load much faster.

We want to thank to everybody who makes possible day after day. We have reached eleven thosand users!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Voice in eyeOS!

After some weeks talking with BarOfVoices, we have finally integrated a new voice service in eyeOS. The process has been divided in two steps:

The first one, which is completed, is to integrate a Public voice Board inside eyeBoard, where everyone can leave messages and listen other people messages. The second step will be to integrate BarOfVoices to all user accounts, so users will be able to send voice messages to other users. We will also publish soon instructions for integrating this service into any eyeOS server.

We are working for new apps to increase the social factor of eyeOS: Apps for meet other people in the community, to create specific Boards and join other users boards, etc. Also, the work for eyeOS 1.0 never stops...

Thanks to everybody, we are more than ten thousand users here!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Stick a note, search media!

We have just added three new apps in The first one, eyeSticky, adds an editable note in the deskop, which can be changed always and is saved automatically thanks to AJAX technology.

We have also two new apps for searching videos and images through eyeOS (thanks to RSS) in YouTube and Flickr. Just insert keywords and the thumbnails of the first results will appear!

All this apps, with the improved PublicChat can be found in the Apps directory -the orange icon in the right of the bar-. Thanks to everybody, eyeOS is growing day after day!