Thursday, April 19, 2007

Working for eyeOS 1.0

The eyeOS 1.0 Development Team has started a week of continued work for the first release of eyeOS 1.0 (Possibly Beta 1). Some photos taken today...

Stay tuned for a release soon...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What's coming...

After some months of hard development, we're proud to announce the main eyeOS 1.0 characteristics:

Evolution? No, Revolution.

eyeOS 1.0 introduces a new concept of Operating System. Not thought as the evolution of eyeOS 0.9, but as the revolution of the 0.x eyeOS series. Based on the design of a modern operating system, bases its power on a microkernel, which loads services, libraries, widgets (forms), and on the top of it all, applications. The only difference between eyeOS 1.0 and any other traditional operating system is that you can run eyeOS from a web browser.

Applications development made simple.

Creating an application for eyeOS 1.0 is as simple as opening eyeDesigner, the integrated development environment, design it visually and join the widgets to the desired functions. Not writting a single line of Javascript/AJAX. Not writting a single line of HTML. The system will.

New desktop. Better. Faster.

The new desktop introduces groups for applications, a menu Bar for the common system actions, and a wide space for your icons. The new desktop also introduces visual effects for some common actions, which make the usage of the system much more comfortable. There are no limits anymore: Your desktop is yours, and you can do what you want with it!

Real Scalability.

Do you need eyeOS to connect with a very specific database developed for your business? Do you need eyeOS to be used from a very specific device you bought in your last trip to Japan which does not have a web browser but an open specification to recieve data? Just develop a new service with the DB/device specification and eyeOS will load and allow you use it in the next boot.

Real multitasking.

Can't close an app? Would you like to close all of them quickly? Just open the real process manager and stop all processes you need. Why real? Because the process manager just loads the list of apps from your process table, which is created in every session you open.

eyePorts, the new eyeApps.

Forget downloading apps from a website and uploading them to your eyeOS. Just open eyePorts application, and it will download the latest list of all available eyeOS applications from the repositories and allow you download and install the apps you want, automatically. As simple as select the apps you want and wait while they're being downloaded and intalled.

More Stable. More Secure.

With the security in mind, eyeOS 1.0 has been designed from the scratch to provide the most stable system. With only one .PHP file, all other files have been renamed with .eyecode extension and loaded dinamically by the system when needed. With a new and fresh install process, the eyeOS root directory will be hidden into a randomly generated directory, and everyting inside that directory will be loaded trought an script, the only one who will know the real path. But wait, this is the top of the security iceberg designed for eyeOS 1.0.

Open Source.

Don't trust us when we say it's secure. Don't trust us when we say it's stable. Don't trust us. Just download it, install it in your server and see it yourself. eyeOS 1.0 is Open Source.

eyeOS 1.0

Stay tunned!