Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Looking for Sponsors

We've been searching new ways to expand the eyeOS infrastructure, like the recently opened donations request. eyeOS is an Open Source project, this means that is freely distributed and downloaded, and can be modified for anyone. We believe Open Source software is the future.

We have decided to change the actual Ad-Sense ads block into a Sponsors block. eyeOS website currently recieves 2-3 million page views per month (see chart), which can be very interesting for new products to showcase

All the information and contact form can be found in our Sponsors information page.


Monday, August 21, 2006

eyeOS Websites Refreshed

We have just updated the look of our main homepage and the login page from the free eyeOS server. With the new websites, all information has been centralized, trying to organize all the parts of the project and making them accessible from anywhere inside the website, forums or login page from eyeOS.info.

We're also preparing the new developer netork, based on the Wiki format. As talked in the forums some time ago, most of the developement organization will be done inside eyeOS.

With the new websites, we have also released eyeOS 0.9.0-5, solving some small bugs and introducing the translated login page, present in eyeOS.info since some weeks ago. The new version can be downloaded from the downloads page.

Thanks to everybody!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

How do you use eyeOS ?

A top Blogger is writing an article about eyeOS, and he asked us: what do people use eyeOS for ? How do they use it ?

We started writing many uses down, but then we realized that the best way to know it is asking you, our users and developers. So, please, tell us: how do you use eyeOS ?

Send us comments, emails, anything !! :)