Monday, July 30, 2007

The eyeOS Packages Center

We're proud to announce the new eyeOS Packages Center, which replaces the old eyeApps/eyeLook websites (which are linking now to the new Website).

In the new eyeOS PC, users will be able to download lots of packages for eyeOS (finished ones that can be also found on the stable repository trought eyeSoft, and unfinished/unstable ones that will be only there), and developers will be able to publish their packages.

If you have made an application, please send it now to the PC! Don't worry if it's are in early alpha/beta stage, you can update it when you want. And if you have a website for your application, you'll be able to link it from the package site, and if not, you can always start an eyeOS Wiki Page for your package.

You can see more instructions for sending a new package here.

We would love to see, in a future, to find an "eyeOS" section at the main software downloads sites out there, and this is the first step.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The new eyeOS Developers Reference Index

After some weeks of hard work, we're proud to present the Developers Reference Index, a page with the links to all reference pages for Widgets, Services, Librarires and more.

It's not finished (documentation should not end never!), but it has a great and solid base to work on, and a must-have-opened page while programming for eyeOS :-). Don't hesitate on improving any reference page with new examples, corrections or expandings!

Hope it will be useful for all eyeOS programmers out there.

Cograts, 7-zip!

Finally, the winner of the Sourceforge Community Choice Awards 2007 has been 7-zip, one of the best, most useful Open Source apps out there.

It's our obligation (and our desire, too!) to congrat the 7-zip Team for the great work they do, and for being the winner of the SF CCA 2007, where we have been "fighting" for the prize too.

And, of course, THANKS for all you who voted for eyeOS, being one of the 10 best Open Source projects in Sourceforge it's one of the best things that have happened to eyeOS. That's the Open Source spirit.

We hope we'll be fighting for the prize also in Sourceforge CCA 2008!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

What's coming on eyeOS 1.2, part II

Continuing with the posts about new features and improvements of eyeOS 1.2, we would like to present a new app that will be present on eyeOS 1.2 and is already working on the experimental branch at the eyeOS public SVN: eyeMail!

eyeMail is a full email management system, capable of running multiple accounts at same time and comunicating with some other apps like eyeContacts to manage contacts.

Better than talking about it is showing it, so here you have a couple of screenshots taken from a browser (not GIMPed!) of the latest public SVN revision in the experimental branch running eyeMail, which is already receiving and sending emails:

The next posts in the What's coming on eyeOS 1.2 serie will be posted during next week. Stay tuned!

What's coming on eyeOS 1.2, part I

eyeOS 1.1 included some features that were excluded from 1.0 release, and 1.2 is thought to include all those things that would make eyeOS very useful to any kind of user.

We would like to present some of the new features and improvements that eyeOS 1.2 will come with, and we'll start with the ability of running Java Applications, thanks to some new widgets (leadered by the new java applet widget) that will allow Java apps to run on eyeOS.

Stay tuned for upcoming articles about What's coming on eyeOS 1.2!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bug Tracking Software, Wiki update and more

After some petitions in the #eyeos channel at FreeNode, we have finally installed a Bug Tracking Tool (based on the great software Amantis) to track, discuss and solve all bugs that appear in eyeOS. Please report any bug you see trought the new site.

The Wiki has also great changes! We have moved to Mediawiki and created a much more nice and organized Start Page. There are also some new interesting sections, like an Ideas and mockups page where designers can post their desings and developers can visit for ideas to work on. All the previous pages have been ported to the new wiki too.

Finally, we have added Finnish to the list of official languages available at the downloads page and soon in eyeSoft.

We hope you will like the changes. eyeOS is growing day after day. Thanks!

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Thanks to all of you who voted for eyeOS in the first stage, Sourceforge informed us yesterday that eyeOS is a FINALIST of the BEST PROJECT category.

Voting process for the winners has been opened and will remain opened until July 20th. You can vote for eyeOS to win here.

Thanks to everybody!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Installing languages in a nutshell

We have just added the certified languages to eyeSoft's default eyeOS repository.

This means that from now, installing a language pack to eyeOS is as simple as opening eyeSoft, updating the package list, selecting the language and clicking on Install... The system will do the work, and when it's done, the language will be installed and ready for use, to be activated from System preferences!

We'll be including new software and languages updates when available.

Yes, eyeOS is Web Software, but is Web Software the right way ;-)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Update on eyeOS 1.1 | New Wiki!

We have just released eyeOS, which includes two small fixes on the Translations System, which was not working properly under Internet Explorer. As always, you can download the latest eyeOS and update packages from the downloads page.

We have also published the new Wiki front page, which has been finally divided in Users, Developers, Translators and Special Pages. We have also published some new documents, specially for users, based on visual HOWTO's. You can see here some of them:


File Management



Monday, July 02, 2007

eyeOS 1.1 Released

We're proud to announce (finally!) the release of eyeOS 1.1, which includes some new big functionalities as well as lots of fixed bugs:
  • Internationalization has been finally added to eyeOS 1.1. You can download languages from the downloads page.

  • eyeZip, a new app to extract the contents of zip files uploaded to the system. You can now finally upload dozens of files at the same time (packed in zip) and extract them when they're at eyeOS!

  • Import/Export functions in eyeContacts, allowing you to use your eyeContacts with the most extended standard format: vCard.

  • eyeDocs has been finally fixed completely for some versions of Internet Explorer.

  • eyeFiles can work with UTF special chars.

  • A small but powerful new app, editLink to edit visually eyeApps links (try it by going to Desktop trought eyeFiles and clicking an icon).

  • Dozens of bugs have been fixed!

Another important note is that we have updated the eyeOS License. We're now under the GNU GPL Version 3!

Thanks to everybody who has helped for this release. There will be new available languages soon, keep an eye on the downloads page.