Monday, July 02, 2007

eyeOS 1.1 Released

We're proud to announce (finally!) the release of eyeOS 1.1, which includes some new big functionalities as well as lots of fixed bugs:
  • Internationalization has been finally added to eyeOS 1.1. You can download languages from the downloads page.

  • eyeZip, a new app to extract the contents of zip files uploaded to the system. You can now finally upload dozens of files at the same time (packed in zip) and extract them when they're at eyeOS!

  • Import/Export functions in eyeContacts, allowing you to use your eyeContacts with the most extended standard format: vCard.

  • eyeDocs has been finally fixed completely for some versions of Internet Explorer.

  • eyeFiles can work with UTF special chars.

  • A small but powerful new app, editLink to edit visually eyeApps links (try it by going to Desktop trought eyeFiles and clicking an icon).

  • Dozens of bugs have been fixed!

Another important note is that we have updated the eyeOS License. We're now under the GNU GPL Version 3!

Thanks to everybody who has helped for this release. There will be new available languages soon, keep an eye on the downloads page.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeehaah! Good job guys. When is the new release going online on the demo server?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007  
Anonymous Vincent said...

What was the reason for moving to GPLv3?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007  

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