Wednesday, June 06, 2007

eyeOS 1.0.1 Released + Thanks

Two days after the 1.0 release, we're proud to announce the new eyeOS 1.0.1, which solves lots of small bugs that have been reported since the release.

The main features and bugs corrected are:

  • New eyeBoard, the bulletin board app for eyeOS

  • New Public folder creation option to disable the creation of new folders in the Public directory

  • eyeImages fixed when opening an image from a Public dir

  • Missing apps icons for Applications menu added

  • Installation script improved to support many more configurations

  • Desktop showing files placed in Home/Desktop correctly

None of the bugs is security-related, so the update is not urgent, but we recommend it to everybody since it includes fixes that make eyeOS better looking.

From this release, we'll be publishing two packages, a new installation package and an update package for updating an existent eyeOS server to the new version without loosing users, files or configurations.

You can download the new version from the downloads page or use it directly from the public server.

We want to give special thanks to Richard Macmanus, who published the first eyeOS 1.0 review and got into the front page of, and everybody who has been helping us to improve the project reporting bugs from the Forums, making suggestions or sending us emails about eyeOS 1.0.



Anonymous Simone Cabrino said...

from Italy my best wishes to eyeOS and to all the developer of it. its very very...wonderfull!

I'll promove your work because I need to do it! :D

I've already done a post on my "new and little" blog and you'll find it here.

Simone Cabrino

Wednesday, June 06, 2007  

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