Friday, June 08, 2007

eyeOS 1.0.2 released!

We're proud to announce the release of eyeOS 1.0.2, which introduces dozens of bugs corrected and some new applications and features:

New apps for all users:
  • eyeMp3, which automatically opens when an user opens a .mp3 and plays it.

  • New eyeRSS, with full support of RSS 0.91, RSS 2.0 and Atom, and dialogs to save new feeds and remove/refresh feeds.

New apps for Root:
  • eyeSoft, the first ports based software installation system from the Web. With eyeSoft you can install new applications to your eyeOS system without leaving eyeOS: Just choose the application/utility to install, and eyeSoft will download, extract and install it for you. You only have to wait for eyeSoft to finish the installation process, just like apt-get or portage systems for Linux. Note that only Root can run eyeSoft.

  • eyeInstaller, which automatically opens when ROOT opens a .eyePackage and installs it.

Desk improvements:
  • eyeDesk shows new folders / files created and removes files deleted automatically, without need to re-login.

  • eyeDesk now saves icons positions.

  • eyeDesk saves the position of the apps who allow savePosition in their configuration.

Applications improvements:
  • eyeContacts and eyeProcess are now using the new sortable table widget.

  • Calendar updated with various bug fixes.

Technical improvements:
  • New close method in Window class.
  • Fixed clear method in Window class, so it empties _Content and not the full Window.

  • Added method to send messages from PHP in eyex.

  • Sortable Table widget fixed so its dynamic and doesn't need to be reloaded for add/remvoe a row.

  • Support for short URLs.

  • Added raw function in eyeURL to download files.

  • eyeDesk finally supports service calls.

  • Added setXMLfile in eyeXML, the opposite of getXMLfile.

General improvements:
  • eyeOS loading time greatly reduced!

  • New tinier compression library, adapted to eyeOS.

Bugs fixed:
  • Fixed eyeDialog bug in concatenation.

  • Fixed bug in eyeGroups reported at forums (topic ID 1297).

  • Fixed eyeXML of various bugs found.

  • Fixed problems with charsets in Label widget.

  • Fixed restore/empty functions in trash when running on PHP4.

You can download the installed and updater from the Downloads Section.

Thanks to everybody who is helping us reporting bugs trought the eyeOS Forums!.


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