Tuesday, September 25, 2007

eyeOS Official Roadmap published

After some weeks of hard work determinating which new apps will be included in the next eyeOS big update(, and organizing the eyeOS Developers Network, we're proud to announce the official eyeOS Roadmap, which determinates what will be included in eyeOS 1.2, the biggest eyeOS Release since 1.0, with new applications and improvements in actual applications, kernel, toolkit and desktop/design.

We have also published the eyeOS Release Policies, which explains when will a new eyeOS release come out, and determinates the timeline to present new projects to be included in the default branch of eyeOS.

The Wishlist wiki page and the Suggestions and Ideas is a very strong base to determinate important things to be implemented in future versions, don't stop sending ideas and suggestions!

Keep up the good work!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

eyeOS Project Status

eyeOS 1.0 introduced new technologies such as the first repository mantained packaging system in a web application, system that's currently used by large operating systems (specially Linux distributions) like Debian (with apt-get). It also introduced a new concept for developing new web applications, following the traditional applications schemes.

Three months after releasing it, here are some of the interesting things / statistics that have happened to the project since its 1.0 release.

  • eyeOS has been nominated as one of the 10 best projects at the SourceForge Community Choice Awards, between more than 156.000 projects.

  • There are more than 40 registered projects since the projects pages introduction, just 3 weeks ago. Some of them Will be included in the next major version.

  • eyeOS.info server (with eyeOS 1.x) has 90.037 users at the moment of writing this post. If we add to this the 122.446 users that were registered during the first 1,5 years of project in the public server (with eyeOS 0.x), we have that eyeOS.info server has been the web operating system server for 212.483 users. And that on just one server. It's impossible to calculate the number of people using eyeOS out there.

  • eyeOS has been downloaded 77.571 times. (Total downloads: about 170.000).

  • 0 security bugs found from 1.0 release.

So it's time (again) to say thanks. Thanks to 77k people who have downloaded the published packages, to the 212k users who have registered into the public server, but specially, thanks to the whole development community, who is working in very different ways to move eyeOS into the next step.

We are, together, creating the next step in collaborative work for friends, family and professionals, and we're developing which we want to be the base of the future web applications, full connected between them, working on eyeOS, the Open Web Operating System.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What's coming on eyeOS 1.2, part III

After some weeks without continuing the posts about the eyeOS improvements that will be included in eyeOS 1.2, we can start them again with the new Multiple Uploads System and Automathing Image Thumbnails in eyeFiles:

In first place, the new eyeUpload (called eyeUploadX), developed by nanawel (who is also developing the great eyeFTP, first FTP app developed with eyeOS Toolkit).

The new eyeUploadX replaces eyeUpload when Flash v8 or later is installed in the browser (else the traditional eyeUpload is displayed), and allows multiple file uploads with a real time progress bar for each one:

In second place, the reloaded eyeFiles also includes automatic image thumbnails when the GD graphics library extension is detected in the server. The result is impressive:

Stay tuned for new coming posts about eyeOS 1.2, with new breaking apps included...

Last posts about new eyeOS 1.2:
Part 1: Java Applets Widget
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Friday, August 17, 2007

New MicroServer version

Thanks to Björn Ahrens, who created and mantains the MicroServer pack, we're proud to announce a new MicroServer version, 0.6.2, with eyeOS

The new version solves the bugs that have been appearing around microServer, like the upload bug. It also features a new installer with an "update" option, to update existent installs of eyeOS-microServer without loosing data.

You can download it from the Downloads page.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

eyeOS Projects List

Two weeks after being published, the eyeOS Projects List has grown a lot, having now more than 20 registered Projects.

The Projects List is thought to recopile all the projects (from a new app, to a system improvement/customization...) that are being created for eyeOS, so its developers can find new developers and designers to participate on the project. Once it's finished, it can be included in the Packages Center, in the eyeSoft repository or in eyeOS by default.

All the information for creating a new project and adding it to the list can be found in the Projects Information page, and all the available resources for eyeOS Developers can be found at the eyeOS Wiki.

Thanks to everybody who is working for eyeOS, we all are building the future of Web Operating Systems!