Monday, March 27, 2006

eyeOS Tips & Tricks

eyeOS has many features which are sometimes not obvious to the new user and even not so new user. We would like to ask you to submit your tricks and tips for eyeOS users. We will publish the best ones in!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Automatically launching an app each time you log in:
In the Application Manager, select Manage Apps and enter ( ) in the text box of the apps that want to launch.

Checking eyeBoard/eyeMessages:
If you provide an auto load parameter of (check) for eyeBoard or eyeMessages in the AppManager, they will start only if there are new messages since you last checked them.

Starting eyeNav at a different URL:
In App Manager, select Manage Apps and enter the full URL of the startup page between parentheses in the text box for eyeNAV. e.g ( Don't forget to begin it with http://!

Expanding Public Documents:
Public documents are those that can be viewed and changed by all users. They are available next to the private document list in eyeEdit. Ask for help, meet people, or expand the Whish list for

If you want to send us new tips and tricks, just send a message from eyeMessages to the user tips. Thanks!


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